‘Die Hard 4’ And Other Movies Ben Affleck Almost Starred In

10.14.16 1 year ago

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Ben Affleck has played Batman, Superman (sorta… he played George Reeves, the man who played Supes in Hollywoodland), an oil rig worker turned astronaut, a robber, a suspected murderer, a comic book artist, and a slew of other parts big and small in films successful and not. Additionally, he’s an Academy Award-winning writer and top-tier director. Affleck has had an amazing career and it’s far from over with The Accountant opening and Live By Night, The Justice League, and a solo Batman film on the horizon. As is the case with all major stars, though, there is curiosity about the roles that almost were for Affleck and what would have happened to his career had he zigged instead of zagged. With that in mind and with Affleck set to dazzle (or disappoint… this world is full of variables) as the world’s most jacked number cruncher in The Accountant, here are a few of the notable projects that Affleck nearly took part in.

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