Natasha Lyonne Is Open To A Marvel Movie… As Long As Larry David Is Also On Board

Even though many people are a little tired of the Superhero-ness of modern cinema, there are a few exceptions. Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse is being called one of the best superhero movies at the moment, and even The Flash has gotten some love. While some people have been openly staying away from Marvel and its associated brands, maybe we just need some fresh new ideas! Luckily, Natasha Lyonne knows what Marvel needs: Larry David. Yeah, that one!

In The Hollywood Reporter‘s actress roundtable, when asked about the prospect of being involved in a Marvel picture, Lyonne says only one thing would need to happen for her to enter the Marvelverse. “I would say the exception might be Larry David,” she said. “It might be that Larry David is actually not getting a lot of calls from Marvel and stuff. Or maybe he is, and he’s just like, ‘No thanks.'” He’s a busy guy, after all, but Lyonne has some ideas.

“It’s really just us running around trying to catch him,” Lyonne said, referring to the rest of the table, which included Ayo Edebiri, Jenna Ortega, and Sheryl Lee Ralph. Edebiri added, “I feel like his Marvel movie is, like, he’s just a guy whose life just keeps getting destroyed by all the superheroes flying around.” Ortega added, “He’s really annoyed.”

This is on-brand for the man, who always looks like the human embodiment of someone who is majorly inconvenienced. What’s more inconvenient than a gang of superheroes holding up traffic when you’re trying to get home in time for dinner? These are the real victims.

While the ladies were mostly joking, it could work! The idea is vaguely reminiscent of the short-lived comedy Powerless, which followed a bunch of normies in a superhero society. Maybe David can be the one to bring it back to life. He’s done it before!

(Via Vulture)