Netflix’s ‘The Silence’ Trailer Feels Like The Love Child Of ‘Bird Box’ And ‘A Quiet Place’

Prior to Netflix’s Bird Box swallowing up social media with memes and inspiring the ill-advised Bird Box Challenge, people noticed how much it evoked John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place. The Sandra Bullock-starring project was actually based upon Josh Malerman’s 2014 novel of the same name, but that didn’t matter. People endlessly compared the two apocalyptic films with high-concepts that hinged upon senses, and now, Netflix is embracing those similarities (and hoping for a repeat) with this trailer for The Silence, which revolves around apocalyptic, bird-like predators who hunt by sound.

There’s also a touch of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina to be had, given that the film stars Kiernan Shipka and Miranda Otto with John Corbett (shout out to the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before dad) along for the ride, so it’s basically a Netflix-bred monster. Of course, The Silence also suffers from another Bird Box syndrome (wrongly being accused of copycatting) in that it’s based upon a 2015 novel by Tim Lebbon, yet Netflix is surely happy to encourage and and all comparisons to their smash hit.

Stanley Tucci also stars in the film, and look, a cult. That’s not unsettling at all.

Via Netflix

Annabelle director John Leonetti helmed The Silence, and given that Netflix is prone to keeping things close to its sleeve until right before a project drops, there’s not much of a synopsis to be had, other than this: “A family struggles to survive after deadly creatures that hunt by sound invade the planet.”

The Silence debuts on Netflix on April 10.