Neve Campbell Says She ‘Would Not Be Surprised’ If She Got A Call To Return To The Chaotic ‘Scream’ Franchise

Back in 2022, the Scream franchise made a triumphant if confusingly titled return with, uh, Scream, which for the record was the fifth entry. It had been the first in the series in 11 years, and it brought back all the big surviving players. But when it came time for Scream VI, they lost original star Neve Campbell, because they were stiffing her on fair pay. Since then the series has been thrown into chaos, losing both its stars and its new director. Now what? Campbell has an idea.

“I know things are spinning at the moment and I would imagine they are spinning at the top trying to figure out what they’re going to do. I would not be surprised to get a call,” Campbell told The Hollywood Reporter.

“But at the same time,” she added, “I made a strong statement a few years ago, which is I did not believe that the way that I was treated would’ve happened if I had been a male and that I deserve a certain thing for having carried this franchise for as long as I have.”

Back in the fall, as the series was revving up its seventh installment, studio heads blew things up by firing one of its stars, Melissa Barrera, over her pro-Palestine social media posts. Then they lost their other star, Jenna Ortega. Then they lost their director, Happy Death Day’s Christopher Landon. Will they return to the drawing board and decide to pay Campbell her fair share? Will they find new blood who might be turned off by how they’ve treated their cast members? Stay tuned.

(Via THR)