Newt Gingrich Believes ‘London Has Fallen’ Is A ‘Warning’ And Twitter Believes He Is Insane

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Getty Image / Gramercy Pictures

Newt Gingrich, you were starting to not look so bad after your remarks about Trump earlier this week, but now the former Speaker of the House has us scratching our heads. Sure, he’s been hinting that he wants a gig in Hollywood, but his latest tweet about the box office flop, London Has Fallen has Twitter erupting with laughter and confusion. You can tell by Gingrich’s initial tweet that he just saw this film and just had to tell his best buds. I mean, we’ve all be there before, but does Gingrich really believe that this throwback of an action movie is a ‘warning’?

The film, which stars Gerard Butler is a follow-up to Olympus Has Fallen. London Has Fallen was universally panned by critics who called the movie out on its blatant xenophobia; Gingrich was a fan though and Twitter was quick with their uninhibited responses by using Newt’s initial tweet as a guide.

And of course there had to be someone to give us a ‘warning’ about old folks using social media and questioning what genre Gingrich might think the movie is.

Besides the generic ‘that movie sucked’ tweets and the hilarious ‘sobering warning’ movie reviews which included everything from Baby’s Day Out to Bambi there were a lot of gems that called out Gingrich, the state of the GOP, and the current presidential election.