Nicolas Cage Got The Best Advice Of His Career While Watching Movies With Charlie Sheen

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Nicolas Cage has a lot going on right now. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in which he voices “Spider-Man Noir,” is doing really, really well with moviegoers and critics. He also recently declared that he’s about to make the “wildest” movie of his career, which is important because he just made a film that involved chainsaw jousting. In a new interview with Collider, however, Cage opened up about the many things that have informed his storied career, including the filmmaking advice he got from Martin Sheen.

Before we get to Sheen’s advice (which is good), we have to acknowledge why Cage and the Apocalypse Now! actor were in the same room to begin with. It turns out Cage was best friends with actor Sean Penn’s late brother, Chris Penn, and along with Charlie Sheen, the trio would spend most of their time watching movies together:

“I would go over to Charlie’s house with Martin Sheen and Chris Penn and we would watch movies. Martin would come by and say hello and he told me the only thing that matters with filmmaking is if you like where you were and who you were working with. He had just come off of Apocalypse. At the time I was too young to understand but as I grew older and started making more movies his words always came back to me.”

“Now they have become a mantra for me,” Cage said of Martin Sheen’s words. “He gave me the best advice I’ve ever heard in my professional career.”

In other words, we all have President Josiah Bartlet to thank for the bees.

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