Nicolas Cage Sang A Sad/Angry Karaoke Rendition Of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain,’ Because Of Course He Did

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Celebrities: They’re just like us! Karaoke is a good way for regular folks to show off their pipes, or even, in extreme cases, to exorcise some demons. So it goes, too, for Oscar-winning thespian Nicolas Cage. The actor (and, lest we forget, director of a James Franco movie) recently had his fourth marriage, to girlfriend Erika Koike, annulled after only four days. Tuesday, TMZ dropped an all-too-brief video of Cage rage-singing through “Purple Rain,” with as much vein-popping, earth-shattering ferocity as he recently brought to the death metal revenge thriller Mandy.

You can watch the video at TMZ, but be warned: Cage is no Prince impersonator. It’s unclear whether the National Treasure headliner was indeed channeling any emotions he had over the demise of his latest marriage, which he said happened, in Vegas, because he was too drunk to know what was going on. But it’s a thing of frightening beauty, like Tom Waits on amphetamines, a hoarse, gravelly noise shouted into the void.

According to TMZ, Cage asked Koike to re-kindle the relationship some 12 days after filing for annulment, though Koike is questioning whether the annulment is even sound. She also wants spousal support, on top of payment for any legal fees.

It’s worth pointing out that Nicolas Cage has a lovely singing voice. The man who was once married to Lisa Marie Presley did a kind of Elvis impersonation as a snakeskin jacketed badass in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, which he closed out with his take on “Love Me Tender.” And, of course, there was that time he played a miniature Presley in the classic SNL sketch “Tiny Elvis.”

You can watch the video over at TMZ.

(Via TMZ)