North Korea Called Seth Rogen And James Franco’s New Movie ‘Evil’

Who needs marketing when you’ve got such ringing endorsements as, “[An] evil act of provocation [that deserves] stern punishment”? ONE TICKET TO THE INTERVIEW, PLEASE. That’s what Uriminzokkiri, North Korea’s government-owned website, had to say about James Franco and Seth Rogen’s new movie, which comes out on Christmas Day, or as it’s known in the second best Korea, Kim Jong-un Is Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and the Yellow King Day.

“The cheekiness to show this conspiracy movie, which is comprised of utter distortions of the truth and absurd imaginations, is an evil act of provocation against our highly dignified republic and an insult against our righteous people,” it says.

“The trashy filmmakers, who, won over by a few dollars thrown to them by conspirators, have compromised the dignity and conscience of filmmaking and dared to produce and direct such a film. They must be subject to our stern punishment.”

The writer continues to pity the U.S. for trying to “threaten the authority” of the Stalinist state to little avail: “How pitiful the U.S. is, desperately scrambling to tear down the authority of our republic that grows mightier by the day, with a shabby movie, now that no pressure or threat has worked.” (Via)

Apparently North Korea has never seen Freaks and Geeks

How could they think that face is evil.

Also, maybe the reason Kim Jong-un has such a stick up his bum, beside the fact that he “hired” a 12-year-old to literally put a stick up his bum every morning, is because North Korea has terrible web designers. I’d be pissed if my homepage looked like Angelfire circa 1999, too.

Via the Hollywood Reporter