‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Wants You For Jaeger Duty In Its First Teaser

Pacific Rim was that rare movie that took a well-worn concept, in this case the giant monsters and impractical giant robots of Japanese tokusatsu movies and TV shows, and turned them into something fresh. The franchise narrowly pulled off getting a sequel, and now we’ve got an intriguing first look at how it’s coming together.

The theme of global unity is ongoing in this first teaser, which shows off a bunch of Jaegers, including, surprisingly, Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger that blew up the alternate reality sending monsters into our world at the end of the first movie. Danger has a new pilot, John Boyega, but the Jaegers are just as gleefully impractical as ever, what with the swords and the general giant robot tactics.

What’s attention-getting, though, is the implication that the Jaeger corps is in need of new pilots. There are also intriguing bits throughout the trailer, like a line of dialogue stating that “We didn’t wait for heroes to fall from the sky.” Is there some competition for the Jaeger corps in the giant-monster punching department? Or, perhaps, is there a new threat the Jaegers need to face in addition to giant monsters from an alternate reality? We’ll find out this February.