Paul Rudd Kept His ‘Mac And Me’ Streak Alive On ‘Conan’ With A Clever Twist

With Paul Rudd joining the machine that is Marvel with Ant-Man on Friday, the idea that he might NOT show a clip from the film during his appearance on Conan seems a little crazy. I mean this is Marvel backed by Disney, with millions of dollars poured into promoting the film in the way that they seem fit. Joe Hollywood actor isn’t going to just stroll into late night and change that because he’s got a streak to keep alive.

Unless he gets creative…which he did.

Rudd still got a chance to show the clip from Mac And Me — not really a spoiler at this point, but still just as funny — and he got away with it by having a little creative fun with his latest role in the Marvel Universe. It is certainly one to add to the supercut that was floating around a couple of years ago, and possibly the greatest one of them all until Rudd is up for an Oscar and still decides to do it.

(Via Team Coco)