These Paul Rudd Movie Outtakes Will Give You A New Appreciation For His Ability To Improv Genitalia Jokes

Paul Rudd often plays the straight man, but that doesn’t stop him from perennially spitting out some of the funniest one-liners and ad-libs. And his outtakes are the best evidence. Rudd may be moving up in the world as the lead in Marvel’s Ant-Man (he’s been the leading man in our hearts for years), but the charming actor with the twinkly eyes will likely never stray too far from the dance moves that brought him to the ball: comedy.

There’s a lot to love in these clips, including some hilarious moments from Rudd’s co-stars, but few actors in Hollywood can effectively pull off dick jokes in one role, then become a superhero in the next (see: Seth Rogen’s failed attempt at The Green Hornet).

The Ten

How many euphemisms for vaginas can Rudd come up with? Probably too many.

“Powdering your whisker biscuits,” is my favorite phrase ever. Here’s more from The Ten with Rudd showing off his motor-mouthed linguistic skills during a funny Starbucks sex tale.

I Love You Man

Rudd moving his face within several inches of Jason Segal’s man-junk is worth the price of admission for this one.

“Yooouuuu invited him?!”

Role Models

He didn’t say the funniest thing in this gag reel, but Rudd cracking up to Joe Lo Truglio’s “Rub-a-dub dub” while a pair of actors fake fight around him will make your belly hurt. Also, nothing is better than interrupting a flubbed line with, “F*ck you.”

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

This one is more of an alternate scene than it is an outtake or gag reel, but Rudd saying “Paul McCartney can suck on me balls,” warrants its placement here.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

There are several funny bits here, including Rudd and Will Ferrell discussing the various contents of breast augmentations, but Rudd riffing on his condom collection is gold.

Knocked Up

Rudd and Seth Rogen continue the “You know how I know you’re gay?” bit in this deleted scene. “Your index finger smells like Rupert Everett,” is both wrong and right.

This is 40

Rudd asking the director’s wife if he can put his testicles in her mouth? Yup, that happened.


The quality is very crappy on this outtake, but the R. Kelly reference is funny as hell.

It’s only proper to end this with the full version of that scene, and while Wanderlust is a forgettable film, this will probably go down as Rudd’s funniest bit ever.

(NSFW language)