The Cast Of ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Can’t Stop Tearing Up In This Wrap Reel Footage

Pitch Perfect 3 isn’t the official finish line for America’s treblemaking hit musical comedy franchise, but it’s pretty reasonable to imagine the Bellas will be left a bit different after the third installment. A charming lil’ wrap reel from the trilogy-cementing film is hinting that we’ve got an emotional next chapter lined up. At least, from a potential goodbye standpoint.

Filming has wrapped on Pitch Perfect 3 and as one does when you’ve got a highly anticipated sequel to promote, we’ve been treated to a behind-the-scenes peek at how the whole thing’s gone. Social media posts are woven in, director and new arrival Trish Sie is splashed all over the video and Rebel Wilson gets attacked by dogs for our (future) amusement. The big hook is seeing the cast get weepy once their time together came to an end. There’s singing, twirling and hugging in a lot of this, so don’t count on the movie ending in a fiery warehouse explosion or a knife fight on the moon. Anna Kendrick does jump of a boat, though. Speaking of which, shipping talk isn’t going to be shooed away by this promotional tool either.

A “special announcement” for Pitch Perfect 3 is lined up for June 19 (that’s gotta be a trailer or teaser, eh?) and the finished product will arrive in theaters on December 22.