‘Point Break’ Lines To Live Your Life By

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25 year ago, director Kathryn Bigelow brought together zen philosophy, bank-robberies, sky-diving, and Presidential cosplay for 1991’s surfing/heist movie Point Break. While the story of FBI newcomer Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) going undercover to take down criminal mastermind Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) never shied away from the adrenaline-fueled action (100% Pure Adrenaline, according to the movie’s tagline), there are some real, valuable life lessons woven throughout. Today, on its 25th anniversary, here are eight lines from the original Point Break to you should try and live your life by.

“You know nothing. In fact, you know less than nothing. If you knew that you knew nothing, then that would be something, but you don’t.” – Ben Harp



Starting off from an unexpected source, FBI bigwig Ben Harp (John C. McGinley) wastes no time getting Johnny Utah acclimated to his new job as a G-Man by letting him know just where he is in the pecking order. Even though Harp goes out of his way to give Utah a hard time, there’s some real value in understanding that the world has a lot to teach you, and you might not be open to those lessons when you think you know everything.

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