The Pokemon Company Apparently Didn’t Like One Scene In ‘Detective Pikachu’

05.11.19 2 months ago


Pokémon Detective Pikachu is a movie that brings the pocket monster world to (mostly) real life, making a live-action movie for the first time in the video game franchise’s history. While not everyone has loved the movie, it’s a visually stunning feat for people who grew up catching pixelated Pikachu on Game Boys and watching animated versions of the creatures on TV.

Considering how easily a video game movie can go astray visually, it’s no small feat that Detective Pikachu looks as good as it does. Kotaku has a good look at the lengths the movie went to not go all Sonic the Hedgehog on us, and they also pointed out a Time Magazine piece with the creative team of the movie.

The film’s art director, Ravi Bansal, and Eric Nordby, the visual effects supervisor, dished about characters like Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Gengar and more as they were CGI-rendered into the real-looking world. And Nordby said in the interview that the Pokemon Company, which is in charge of all things Pikachu and Co., wasn’t thrilled with one scene in particular with Lickitung, one of the series original 150 Pokemon.

For something to feel real, it has to have real world grit and texture. But the Pokémon Company would see that and think it was dirty. We had to walk them through a whole series of slides and build the trust that we weren’t going to make these things disturbingly dirty.

I wouldn’t say that [the scene with Lickitung] was the Pokémon Company’s favorite scene in the movie. That’s one where we got right up to the edge of what they would be comfortable with.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can see the start of this scene at the 42 second mark of this trailer, after staring deeply into the eyes of a Bulbasaur.

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