Quentin Tarantino Says His Proposed ‘Star Trek’ Movie Would Be ‘Pulp Fiction In Space’

07.17.19 1 month ago

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Quentin Tarantino has a long, long history of talking about movies he wants to make that never materialize. Remember his “Vega Brothers” movie, belatedly uniting John Travolta’s Vincent, from Pulp Fiction, with Michael Madsen’s Vic/Mr. Brown, from Reservoir Dogs? He’s been talking about doing his own Star Trek for a few years now and, to his credit, he’s still talking about it. The other day he told Cinema Blend he’s even considering making it his final film. And in a wide-ranging interview with Deadline for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, he went into a little more depth.

For one thing — and he’s mentioned this before — a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek would be rated R. If that sounds like going too far, he cited a certain recent hit that could inspire him to go beyond a PG or even a PG-13.

Deadpool showed that you can rethink these things, do them in a different way,” Tarantino said. “So really, even before JJ [Abrams] knew what the idea was, his feeling was, if it wants to be an R rating, fine. If it wants to be The Wild Bunch in space, fine.”

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