Quentin Tarantino Has Some Promising Updates About The ‘Star Trek’ Movie He Wants To Make

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Quentin Tarantino’s currently promoting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (due out on July 26), his Pulp Fiction-esque tableau about the days leading up to Sharon Tate’s 1969 murder. Yet of course, other subjects are coming up. Those topics include the Star Trek movie that the auteur previously stated has “a very big possibility” of coming to fruition. Perhaps this will even be his tenth movie, ahead of the reported Django/Zorro project? Well, Tarantino has apparently spoken with Empire to confirm some details about the film, and the production appears to be closer to becoming reality.

Via the TrekMovie site, QT confirmed that the script for the film has moved from draft form to a nearly completed version, for which he must provide notes. “I need to weigh in on it, but haven’t been able to do that yet,” he stated while hinting that he’ll move toward that goal after finishing his ongoing press tour. As for whether or not he plans to tone down his propensity for profane language and violence, that would be a negative. “It’s an R-rated move,” he assured Empire. “If I do it, it’ll be R-rated.”

Well, current Spock actor Zachary Quinto (about a year ago) told the press that he didn’t see the Tarantino movie coming toward him anytime soon, but perhaps that will change, after OUATIH rolls into (and out of) theaters later this summer. Quinto has since told USA Today that he’s excited about the possibility and is simply “waiting on specifics” for what will definitely “be an R-rated version of Star Trek,” which is obviously something that audiences haven’t seen before. And as Karl Urban hypothesized last year at the Trekonderoga convention, a non-PG version might mean, “[I]f someone gets sucked out into space, which we have all seen before, we might see them get disemboweled first.” Oh boy.

(Via Empire Online, & USA Today)