Rachel Weisz Got Cagey When Kimmel Mentioned Her ‘Black Widow’ Character’s ‘Second Name’ But Spilled Odd Pig-Farming Details

Rachel Weisz stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night where things got off to an awkward start as Kimmel seemingly dropped a Marvel spoiler before the interview even began. While introducing Weisz, the late night host said the full name of the actress’s Black Widow character, which she may have been given specific instructions not to reveal. Knowing how secretive Marvel can be, she quickly flagged Kimmel so he wouldn’t say the last name again.

“I think we’re not allowed to say Melina’s second name though, right?” Weisz told Kimmel. “I think we’re prohibited from saying Melina’s second name. I think it’s a Marvel Cinematic Universe secret.”

“Is it a secret that I just ruined?” Kimmel asked. “I believe… so,” Weisz responded while looking nervous about the Tom Holland-esque moment.

Later in the interview, Kimmel asked Weisz what it’s like doing press for Marvel and if they give you a “list” of things you’re not allowed to say. Weisz revealed that, yes, there is a list, but she also admitted that she lost it. However, she did remember that one thing she’s not allowed to say is Melina’s last name, and obviously, any huge spoilers. One thing she could talk about, though, is Melina’s penchant for… pig experiments?

“She’s a Black Widow. She’s been trained as a Black Widow spy. She’s highly skilled spy and scientist. She runs a, kind of, well, a pig farm. And that’s in fact where the [Black Widow] family met me at my scientific lab where I also keep kips, which I experiment on.

“You’re a pig farming spy-entist and that’s all you can say?” Kimmel joked before moving on to David Harbour‘s unfulfilled request to have his character speak full Russian in the film.

(Spoilers for Black Widow below.)

As for Melina’s last name, which has been bouncing around the internet for a while, it’s Vostokoff. While that name will mean very little to regular moviegoers, Marvel junkies will know that Melina Vostokoff has a prominent place in Black Widow’s past as the villainous Iron Maiden. Of course, the MCU films and TV series have played fast loose with its characters’ comic origins, so it’s anyone’s guess as to whether Weisz’s character will be friend or foe.