‘Black Widow’ Debuted An Action-Packed Car Chase Clip Ahead Of Its Looming Release

On Sunday, Scarlett Johansson played a big part in the 2021 MTV Movie Awards. She received the show’s Generation Award, and in the middle of acceptance speech, she was rudely interrupted by her husband, Colin Jost, who doused her in green slime, joking that he’d gotten the ceremony confused with the Kids’ Choice Awards. The actress then paid it forward, gifting those watching with a little something: a minute-long, action-packed clip from her long-promised, then long-delayed, MCU solo venture, Black Widow.

The clip presents but a slither from a larger, longer chase, which finds Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff and her sister-figure, Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, pursued by armed, motorcycling baddies. It doesn’t appear to be going so hot, but then Yelena has an idea: Ditch Natasha’s plan — basically “to drive us away,” she says — and improvise. Cue Yelena taking the wheel, forcing a u-ey, and taking out one of their foes with a kicked-open side door.

Of course, in a better timeline we would have all seen this scene about a year and two weeks ago. It was originally scheduled for May 1, 2020, but we all know what happened there. And yet we’re still just shy of two months before it drops simultaneously on theaters and, for a hefty fee, on Disney+, on July 9. But perhaps this will tide you over.

You can watch the clip in the video above.