‘Bodyguard’ And Former ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Richard Madden Addresses Those James Bond Rumors

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Idris Elba must be breathing a sigh of relief right about now. Not only are people excited about him returning as everyone’s favorite dirty cop in the newest Luther trailer, but Elba can finally say goodbye to confronting rumors that he’ll play James Bond. That’s because — as of a few weeks ago — the newest subject of said 007 rumors was crowned. That would be Richard Madden, the Game Of Thrones veteran who’s starring BBC Bodyguard turn (which drew over 10 million viewers earlier this year for a season finale) is now attracting attention on Netflix. And since he’s leading a highly successful British series with subject matter that’s not unlike Bond’s exploits, well, those rumors are only natural.

Madden, however, has played off this Bond talk like he’s simply the stiff-upper-lip flavor of the month in an interview with British GQ. The former Robb Stark also indulged the publication by watching the Red Wedding scene from Thrones (he was a good sport about this) and discussed how he’s “more than flattered” and “thankful” to be discussed in the same sentence as James Bond. Yet he’s keeping perspective on the matter:

“My first reaction is always the same reaction, which is the papers make up a story on a Sunday so they can discredit that story on the Monday so they can sell papers on both days … his is what happens with all these shows, like Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager. Then there’s the next one. I’m the next one. Everyone just loves the rumour mill on that topic. I’m just the current one. There’ll be a different one next week.”

Still, Madden told GQ that he’s read every single Bond book and has been obsessed with the series since his teen years, and then he may have ignited hope. “I don’t want to curse anything by saying anything,” he mused. “I think that’s the curse of that. If you talk about it, you’ll curse it.” Soooo yes, Madden would love to play Bond, but he will neither confirm nor deny that he’s ever discussed the subject with anyone in charge of casting. Clear as mud, right?

The still-untitled Bond 25 film will be helmed by True Detective and Maniac director Cary Fukunaga and will arrive on February 14, 2020. And Madden definitely won’t be James Bond in this particular movie, for Daniel Craig is set to be shaken, not stirred, for one final lap.

(Via GQ UK)