Rita Repulsa Hijacks The Power Rangers’ Twitter And Endorses Coyote Pee

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Many people have a strong emotional connection to the Power Rangers, and are worried that the movie, with its Breakfast Club vibe and Poison-Ivy-esque Rita Repulsa might be a little too serious to reflect their childhood memories of the campy tokusatsu show. And perhaps it might be, but Rita Repulsa hijacking the movie’s Twitter feed indicates something a little, uh, different:

Yep, Repulsa took over the movie’s Twitter feed and if you were thinking it was going to be all grimdarky and gritty, guess again:

And yes, she endorsed coyote pee:

By the way, all of these tweets are 100% better if you imagine Avery Jessup reading them. And this is just the start: She (or the intern playing her) trashes Oprah, endorses eating unicorns, and trolls Uber Eats, among other things. Considering this went on for hours and encompasses a ton of tweets, this probably really is a publicity stunt and not just some hacker having some fun at Lionsgate’s expense. And, while it is undeniably a bit weird to see somebody impersonating a 65-million-year-old supervillain, it is more or less the exact level of camp you want from a movie like this.

Now, of course, the only question is whether Zordon will get his day in the sun on Twitter. After all, he probably gets bored. Twitter would be a good space for him.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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