Robert Downey Jr. Had A Very Tony Stark-esque Party For His 50th Birthday

Robert Downey Jr. couldn’t help but spill a bit about his 50th birthday party during his visit to Letterman tonight. There wasn’t any talk about the past during this interview, unless you count Downey’s taste in music, but there was plenty of talk about the right etiquette for throwing yourself a party.

The party was apparently an affair fit for Tony Stark himself, with Downey renting out an entire airplane hanger and hiring two bands to play the thing. The only thing that wasn’t fitting for Stark was the choice in bands: Duran Duran and Steely Dan.

I don’t have a real issue with either, but does Duran Duran really go on before Steely Dan? I would think they’d have bigger presence, but then again, it’s not my birthday. Either way, it’s a heck of a birthday if that’s what he wanted. Tony Stark probably would’ve been forced to host AC/DC and possibly The Black Eyed Peas, so it’s a toss up.

(Via The Late Show)