Robert Pattinson’s Full Batsuit Makes An Appearance In Broad Daylight In New Set Photos

The Batman director Matt Reeves gave fans a brief, red-tinted taste of Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit during an ominous screen test, and now, we have a closer and brighter look at the new suit in action on set in Glasgow, Scotland. Obviously, these photos are of a stunt double and not RPattz in tights, but they’re enough to get fans buzzing and poring over every detail.

First up, below is a detailed shot of the chest symbol that sure looks like it confirms the fan theory that Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne forged it from the gun that killed his parents. The mask also has goggles over the eyeholes, which didn’t appear to be the case during the teaser video, and they could just be a safety feature while filming motorcycle stunts in the rain. As for the ears, these seem to be the shortest pair we’ve seen yet on Bats, but again, this a stunt costume, so maybe they’re kept short to avoid any embarrassing stabbings.

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Up next is the new Batcycle, which looks to be heavily influenced by Scott Snyder’s Zero Year arc in the Batman comics. That story saw Batman tooling around Gotham on a dirt bike with a Bat-shield in the front just like the photo below. Whether that was a conscious choice or not, the film appears to be aiming for a more realistic approach than the fantastical Batpod Christian Bale rode in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

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And, finally, here’s a closer look at Batman’s gauntlets that are the biggest departure from previous Batsuits. It appears this Batman won’t have a shortage of lethal spikes to… spike crime with? It’s an interesting addition, and one that shows that this Batsuit isn’t a mere carbon copy of the more armored look from the popular Arkham Knight video game.

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Also, as always, Batman has standard utility belt chock full of gadgets. Never mess with the classics.

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