New ‘Rogue One’ Clips Bring Sassy Robots And Jimmy Smits Back To ‘Star Wars’

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is on track to make over $130 million in North America during its opening weekend December 16th, and Disney just dropped two new clips, a hopeful TV spot, and a creature featurette to get people even more excited. They also screened almost 30 minutes for critics, which we reviewed here. One thing we noticed is that Alan Tudyk’s character, a former Imperial enforcer droid named K-2SO, will probably become a fan favorite, and this first clip may demonstrate why:

He’s so sassy. Who doesn’t like sassy robots? What would a Star Wars movie do without sassy robots? Probably add more Jar Jar instead, and that’s terrible.

Speaking of characters from previous movies, we’ll be seeing some of them in Rogue One (no, not Jar Jar). Jimmy Smits is returning as Bail Organa, and he can be seen but not heard in this clip in which Jyn makes the case that the Rebellion needs to mount a massive assault on the Empire before it’s too late.

Disney also released a creature featurette in which director Gareth Edwards and creature effects supervisor Neal Scanlan talk about practical effects and space monkeys and other matters of great significance.

Finally, here’s a new TV spot titled “Hope Begins”.

(Via /film, Screen Rant, and Star Wars)