‘Zombieland’ Director Ruben Fleischer Has Been Tapped To Bring ‘COPS’ From TV To The Big Screen

This would be a good time for professional dirtbag Ronnie Dobbs to ring up his agent. Why? COPS is being lined up for a big screen adaptation. The Fox/Spike reality program, not the gloriously insane late ’80s cartoon series of the same name BUT COULD YOU IMAGINE??? (I’m imagining it right now and am enjoying the experience.)

Deadline reports that Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer has been tapped to shepherd the series into a big screen (and tad more fictional) offering. Brother Nature co-writer Cameron Fay will be handling the script, which is being billed as “an edgy narrative feature with a buddy comedy bent on the order of a Lethal Weapon.” We wouldn’t have minded an origin story for the “I’ll get you, b*tch” guy, but we understand life rights can be tricky to get.

If the project goes ahead and we get COPS in the cinema, that probably means we’re getting a brilliant or unlistenable update on Inner Circle’s trusty COPS theme “Bad Boys.” As long as Fall Out Boy keep their distance, it should pan out alright. If the co-stars of COPS are anything to go by, your local multiplex could be teeming with shirtless white rednecks who have “only had two beers” taking in the action. You’ve gotta do something between Kenny Chesney concerts, right?

(Via Deadline)

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