Russell Crowe Confirmed For ‘Mummy’ Reboot, Says It Will ‘Scare The Sh*t Out Of You’

We, as the moviegoers and fans of the world, have to become comfortable with the fact that our lives are going to always involve remakes. Sure, we’ll continue to grumble that stuff like Ghostbusters feels timeless to those of us old enough to have grown up with it, but for a new generation it kinda makes sense to take another stab at the series. While I’m not really that clear on why a film like The Mummy would be rebooted, the original (original as in the reboot of the 30’s Universal Monster series) was released in 1999 and, as it turns out, that is quite a while ago. So perhaps it’s best to remain optimistic here.

While rumors as to the casting for the reboot of The Mummy have been swirling around for a while now, one of the names bandied about as a potential star has been Russell Crowe. Collider is reporting that Crowe’s involvement is official, that he’ll be playing Dr. Henry Jekyll and that the film is pretty damned scary. He even went as far as to say that The Mummy will “scare the shit out of you,” which seems like a bold claim, but one that most of us will be willing to fork over money to confirm or deny.

(via Collider)