Ryan Reynolds Posted A ‘Heavy Eye Contact’ Photo To Prove That ‘Red Notice’ Is Fully Back In Action

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to make it weird as filming gets serious again on Red Notice with Gal Gadot and The Rock. The Netflix movie, which our own Brian Grubb declared two years ago to be “the only movie that matters now,” was forced to apply the brakes earlier this year (along with every other Hollywood production) due to our current global situation. The Netflix movie leaped back to the set this month, and Reynolds showed his followers his COVID-19 test experience on Instagram. Now, things are humming along more smoothly, and Reynolds posted a photo to demonstrate his dedication (complete with some mildly unsettling eye contact) to the project.

Fortunately, Reynolds is not breaking the fourth wall with that eye contact, which might be too much for those at home (2020 is disturbing enough). As photographed by Frank Masi, however, here’s a look at Reynolds doing an intense-face while gazing at director Rawson Marshall Thurber. For what it’s worth, Reynold claims that he was really thinking about The Rock’s hair while the camera snapped away.

In all fairness, it’s entirely possible that Reynolds was actually thinking about how to spend that $20+ million paycheck that he’ll receive for this massive production, which reportedly carries a $160 million price tag. As of now, there’s no firm release date on Red Notice, but Netflix will hopefully set it adrift on the streaming waves in 2021.