Ryan Reynolds Is Fine After A Hit-And-Run By Paparazzi Because He’s Deadpool

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I certainly don’t think Deadpool would take kindly to this. While Ryan Reynolds was minding his own business and walking through an underground parking garage last Friday, a paparazzo hit the Deadpool star with a car and drove off. Reynolds was said to have suffered a “sore knee and a sore back,” but was back on the Deadpool set because that’s how the man who plays Deadpool rolls.

While Reynolds’ injuries were minor, police recommended legal action against the photographer, who was brought into police custody following the incident. According to the Vancouver police, the photographer got into a verbal tussle with Reynolds before hitting him with his car and driving away. The police have advised Reynolds to pursue a “charge of intimidation” against the photographer, which is probably the civilized way to go about this as opposed to how Deadpool might.

Kids, don’t be a paparazzo when you grow up. You’ll make Deadpool “sore,” and that’s going to be very bad for you.

Source: SF Gate, CBC News