Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Have Been Joke-Feuding On Twitter

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Twitter is lousy with real feuds, every minute of every day of every year. So it’s only appropriate that one antidote to the world’s sustained anger is the good old fashioned fake feud. We always have Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel’s longstanding joke-beef. And now we have Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman faux-duking it out on the battleground that is social media.

BuzzFeed has chronicled the recent fake-tiff, which has some history. The two actors — also fellow comic book movie stars, both of the Sony wing of the Marvel-verse — are very public friends, though as early as a week-and-change ago, Jackman was mock-mocking him:

But this week Reynolds decided to joke-take it next-level. Jackman’s new movie, The Front Runner — in which he plays scandalous 1988 presidential candidate Gary Hart — is coming out on November 21. To celebrate, Reynolds thought it would be a sound idea to make a fake-political ad that fake-attacked him as though he was a real candidate:

For one thing, Hugh Jackman has been deceiving us, Reynolds’ ad charges, because he doesn’t regularly use his middle name, which is Michael. The ad also asserts he’s from Milwaukee, not Australia, which is not actually true. Jackman’s deceptions are such that Reynolds says everyone should instead endorse him for the political position for which neither of them is running.

The fake-accusations were enough to get Jackman’s attention. He responded with a video of him actually picking real dog poo off a real picture of Reynolds.

We’ll update this story if there are any further developments from Reynolds or from Jackman. But as far as faux-feuds go, this one ain’t bad.

(Via BuzzFeed)