Salma Hayek Pinault Was ‘Sore’ After Her ‘Magic Mike’ Lap Dance With Channing Tatum

Salma Hayek Pinault survived Magic Mike and all she got was Channing Tatum not wearing a lousy t-shirt. The most talked-about scene in Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike’s Last Dance is a lengthy lap dance involving Magical Michael, played by Tatum, and Hayek Pinault’s character, Maxandra. “Every single person that’s seen the movie talks first and mostly about that scene, which it’s a surprise for me. But I’m glad because it works for the story of the movie,” she told People.

Hayek Pinault was sore after the first rehearsal for the lap dance “because I’m not in shape and it’s not movement you’re used to,” she said. “It was technical: You’ve got to make sure you don’t poke his eye with a stiletto or knock him out or he doesn’t drop me. He kept telling me he was ‘very strong, don’t worry,’ but still you’ve got to hold on a little bit with the arms or the legs.” Hayek Pinault also discussed working with C-Tates.

“You cannot fabricate chemistry. You can hate somebody and have chemistry onscreen, and there’s people that fall in love in movies and the movies don’t work because there’s no chemistry,” the Oscar nominee says. “We were just the right mix, I think, for this. It’s kind of like the camera decides that, and we just got lucky. But you know what? We get along great.”

Tatum gets along with most everyone: Hayek Pinault, Zoe Kravitz, other ripped dudes, this dog, etc.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance is in theaters now.

(Via People)