Samara Weaving Hoped Daniel Radcliffe Wouldn’t See Her Harry Potter Tattoo While Making ‘Guns Akimbo’

Daniel Radcliffe is getting up in years. He just turned 30, and while that may not seem like much, he is old enough that he’s beginning to work with actors raised on the movies that made him one of the richest actors in the world. Example: His Guns Akimbo co-star — and Margot Robbie near-lookalike — Samara Weaving, who’s such a Harry Potter-head she even has a Harry Potter tattoo (though, luckily, it’s not of Harry Potter himself).

Not that Radcliffe knew that right away. While doing press for the action-comedy at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Ready or Not star confessed that, while she grew up adoring the Potter series with no shame, as a twentysomething she was a little embarrassed that her colleague would spot her Deathly Hallows image on her legs.

“I wore really long socks for a long time and then I realized what a gentleman he is, and forgot to wear long socks,” the Australian actress explained to MTV News (as caught by Entertainment Weekly), in a group interview alongside Radcliffe.

“It was a Deathly Hallows tattoo,” Radcliffe added. “Which a lot of people have — there’s no shame in it. There’s not. It’s absolutely okay. I wasn’t gonna be like, ‘Oh god, Samara, you clearly are a big fan. I’m freaked out by it.’ Like, you know, I don’t care.”

Weaving has another thing over most people raised on Potter: She had the chance to kill him. In Guns Akimbo, she and Radcliffe duke it out in an illegal live-streamed deathmatch. Of course, that would probably make fellow fans more angry than jealous. “I haven’t gotten any hate mail just yet,” she joked.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)