Samara Weaving Doesn’t Mind If You See ‘Ready Or Not’ Because You Think She Looks Like Margot Robbie


We may never see The Hunt, but there’s another movie out there about the “elite” hunting the “less fortunate,” and it’s an absolute blast.

Ready or Not follows young bride Grace, who grew up in the foster system, on her wedding night; but instead of being showered with extravagant gifts by her wealthy in-laws, she’s trapped in a deadly game of hide and seek. (Ah, marriage.) Grace is played by Samara Weaving, best known for her roles in Mayhem (which she’s excellent in), The Babysitter, and SMILF, and for her striking resemblance to another Australian actress, Margot Robbie. Like so:

Weaving is used to the comparison and, as she told the Daily Beast, she doesn’t mind it, either. “I hang out with Margot, and I mean, it’s so flattering that people think I look like her,” she said. “And it’s great if it makes people go see the movie.” If you saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for Margot Robbie, you owe it to Samara Weaving to do the same for Ready or Not. Also, you should see it anyway, because it’s one of the most fun films of the summer.

“I would say we very intentionally wanted to make a film that wasn’t just one thing,” co-director Tyler Gillett told us in a recent interview. “So, I would say, one of the things that we’re most proud of is that it is a film. It is a story that hopefully is going to resonate with audiences beyond just the sort of horror niche. And, hopefully, we’ll capture their interest as well. But for us, we think there are ideas that are a little bit larger than just jump scares and gore.”

Ready or Not is out in theaters now.

(Via the Daily Beast)