Samuel L. Jackson Relives All Of His Profane Movie Quotes With Help From Some Senior Citizens

Samuel L. Jackson does not lack memorable quotes from his long career. His work with Quentin Tarantino alone has created some lines that have lived on well past their initial release. And the good news is he seems to remember every one of them. During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel quizzed the star about some of his old movie quotes. After some senior citizens would read a quote, it was up to Jackson to figure out if it was one of his or from another movie.

He has no trouble getting every quote right, even adding a bit more to the quote before answering. It really shouldn’t be a shock, but I think the way he just non-chalantly just plows through each answer is the real kicker. That and the variety of old people Kimmel found to read his lines back to him. There were some deeper cuts too, like the pills line from Soul Men and the windows line that follows the one everybody knows from Snakes On A Plane.

Should’ve pulled some from Amos And Andrew or maybe Loaded Weapon 1, just to throw him for a loop and to really test his memory. If he remembers Loaded Weapon 1 and can tell stories about, I will Kickstart the oral history right now. Right after I finish with my oral history on The Last Kiss Goodnight.