The Most Common Quote That Samuel L. Jackson Hears From His Fans Shockingly Isn’t A Swear Word

Samuel L. Jackson technically isn’t the most prolific swearer in movie history (to which he calls “bullsh*t”), but no one can drop a “motherf*cker” like he can. So it’s surprising that the most common line the actor hears from fans in public doesn’t involve a curse.

The Hollywood Reporter recently gathered together Jackson, Oscar Isaac, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Keaton, Brian Cox, and Quincy Isaiah, and asked them, “When a fan comes up to you on the street, what do they typically recognize you from, and what do they usually say?” Cox answered with his Succession catchphrase “f*ck off,” while Jackson said, “These days, ‘What’s in your wallet?'” Not “hold onto your butts” or “does he look like a bitch?” or something about motherf*cking snakes on motherf*cking planes, but his Capital One commercial slogan. We, as a society, can do better.

THR: And how do you respond?

JACKSON “My wife’s hand.”

KEATON What does that mean?

JACKSON My wife’s hand is in my wallet.

Jackson admitted that people do ask him to call them motherf*cker “all the time. Or they’ll ask me to put it on their answering machine. They’ll literally say, ‘Would you do my answering machine?’ ‘This motherf*cker’s not home right now. And the motherf*cker will call you back.’” Cox suggested that he charge them for the request, but Jackson, king among men that he is, said, “I don’t want to gouge the public. I charge them enough to come to my movies.” What’s in your wallet? All the cash that you’ve saved by Samuel L. Jackson not charging $50 to call your mother-in-law a “motherf*cker.”

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)