Seth Rogen And Charlize Theron Will Keep Rom Com Tropes Alive With ‘Flarsky’

Romantic comedies are traditionally built upon tropes. When audiences go into a movie whose poster featured two “quirky” people almost kissing, they know what they’re in for. Hijinks, misunderstandings, and a romantic kiss as the credits roll. However, some of these hallmarks of the genre are less than pleasant. As anyone who has ever watched a movie starring Adam Sandler or Kevin James, the old standby “schlubby guy nabs a supermodel by learned a modicum of human decency” continues to grow stale. While, yes, couples of varying degrees of “traditional hotness” come together in real life, in the movies, women are always held to impossible standards of beauty while men are allowed to wear Sandler’s dirty sweatpants.

Well, from the looks of things, that trope is going to remain alive and well, as Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron will be teaming up with director Jonathan Levine for the romantic comedy Flarsky, both serving as the stars and producers. According to Entertainment Weekly,

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron will share the screen in Flarsky, a comedy about a down-on-his-luck journalist who pursues his lifelong crush on his former babysitter, now one of the most powerful women on the planet.

Rogen previously appeared in Levine’s cancer crowdpleaser 50/50, and it is further proof that Theron is continuing to climb the blockbuster ladder. Straightforward romantic comedies are becoming a rarity these days, so hopefully Flarsky will be a surprising twist on the usual fare. In the meantime, Charlize, where is our Mad Max: Fury Road sequel?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)