Sigourney Weaver Visited The Students Who Turned ‘Alien’ Into A High School Play

04.27.19 2 months ago

20th Century Fox

Back in March, a New Jersey high school went viral after students turned the horror/sci-fi classic Alien — the original, not any of the hit-and-miss sequels or Predator mash-ups — into their annual play. Even viewed merely over clips on Twitter, it was an incredible production, resourceful and creative — so much so that it earned hosannas from its star, Sigourney Weaver, and its director, Ridley Scott. Now Weaver has done them one better: On Friday she visited the school to deliver her adulations in person.

Rolling Stone caught tweets that showed video proof of the legendary actress — who earned a well-deserved Oscar nomination for the series’ first sequel, James Cameron’s Aliens — strolling the halls of North Bergen High School, to freak-outs from the student body.

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