Sigourney Weaver Wouldn’t Mind Having A Cameo In The New ‘Ghostbusters’

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The first lady of modern science fiction Sigourney Weaver is currently in the spotlight to promote Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie, but with a new Ghostbusters movie in the works, the subject was certainly going to come up around the woman who played the movies’ leading lady, Dana Barrett. Paul Feig has consistently said that there won’t be a connection to the original movies aside from a few winks and nods, but Weaver told a reporter that she wouldn’t mind being part of one of those little hints:

They might have us pop up as marshmallow men or something and then destroy us. I don’t know. I hope they will think of some silly way for us to be in it. Maybe I could play that ancient librarian who goes [makes noise].

That would be this noise:

Everyone who has followed the rocky, pothole-filled journey leading up to the newest Ghostbusters movie knows that the hardest thing to accomplish — as well as the biggest question — was the involvement of the original cast. For a while, the very existence of a new movie hinged on whether or not Bill Murray would come back. Would we want to see these guys again? Would they even want to do this again?

Harold Ramis passed away, as did the hopes of a true Ghostbusters reunion. A movie without him felt impossible. It was going to happen anyway, but how?

Enter Paul Feig and his idea for an all-woman Ghostbusters team. Obviously, we have a great new cast of very funny people with trusted names in comedy at the helm and the inkwell, but what about including a woman who was not only a major player in the original Ghostbusters movies, but who has established herself as a huge force in the genre of science fiction and action?

There’s a reason why Sigourney Weaver was chosen for a small but crucial role in Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods, she’s Sigourney Motherf*cking Weaver. If she isn’t a small part of this new universe, the universe will just be wrong. It will have to end the way Cabin in the Woods did, with the world ending, but even Sigourney Weaver had something to do with that, so there. There’s your decision, Paul Feig. You’re welcome.

When Sigourney Weaver says she’ll do a cameo, you say yes.

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