Sony Has Revealed The Release Dates For ‘The Dark Tower’ And Two More ‘Bad Boys’ Films

Sony Pictures is killing two really annoying birds with one announcement today, as the studio has revealed the release dates for 16 upcoming films, including the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower and Bad Boys 3. Even more exciting for fans of the Michael Bay police franchise that was named after the theme song to Cops is the fact that Sony has not only set Bad Boys 3 for Feb. 17, 2017, but also Bad Boys 4 for July 3, 2019. The Bad Boys 3 release date is especially peculiar because it falls right in that February wasteland of movies that just aren’t really that good. But at least this finally puts an end to all of the speculation and confirms that Martin Lawrence will indeed shout lines like, “You forgot your boarding pass!” two more times.

At the same time, the release date for The Dark Tower is also great news because fans have been teased with this potential franchise for too long. Last we heard, Nikolaj Arcel was the latest director to ride the Dark Tower carousel, and who the hell knows? Maybe 10 more directors will come and go before the film hits theaters on Jan. 13, 2017. Meanwhile, according to The Wrap, other titles including the Jumanji remake and Resident Evil 6 also now have release dates…

Money Monster – 4/8/16
The Shallows – 6/24/16
Ghostbusters – 7/15/16
Patient Zero – 9/2/16
The Magnificent Seven – 9/23/16
Underworld 5 – 10/21/16
Passengers – 12/21/16
Jumanji – 12/25/16
The Dark Tower – 1/13/17
Resident Evil 6 – 1/27/17
Bad Boys 3 – 2/17/17
Baby Driver – 3/17/17
Barbie – 6/2/17
Uncharted – 6/30/17
The Lamb – 12/8/17
Bad Boys 4 – 7/3/19