Sony’s Female-Led Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Might Be A Team Endeavor

Sony is, as we’ve noted, in a pretty tough spot with Spider-Man. Every movie makes less than the last, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did not live up to the “amazing” part, and generally everyone seems sick of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Yet, they can’t let a cash cow just go back to Marvel. So they’re throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks, including, according to rumor, a team of the superheroines in the Spiderverse.

Nicknamed “Glass Ceiling,” according to Badass Digest, it would basically be all the Spidey superheroines and villains as a team. The main problem with that idea is that no matter how you slice it, it’s a fairly short list, thanks to Marvel and Fox. There’s Black Cat, Silver Sable and… uh… We’re pretty much down to the D-team after that.

Seriously, leaving out mutants and Avengers, you’ve got characters like the most recent Beetle, the female Doc Ock they had for three seconds, and backbenchers like Shriek. That said, there’s no reason they can’t gender flip any of the more obscure villains. Very few people will care if the Kangaroo suddenly has boobs, and most of those that do care will be excited about the change for other reasons.

In a way, this might be a blessing; with zero expectations weighed on the characters, a good filmmaker can do whatever he or she wants with it, reinventing them and making them more interesting. Of course, it might also be a terrible attempt to one up the other studios by getting a superheroine movie out first, but hey, it’s not like DC’s got Birds of Prey on tap any time soon.