‘Star Trek 3’ Has Begun Production, And Zachary Quinto Has The Tweezed Spock Brows To Prove It

It’s been a bit of a bumpy voyage through the last frontier for Star Trek 3. The movie was supposed to start filming in April, but things hit a big stumbling block when Hollywood blockbuster generated robot Roberto Orci was booted from the director’s chair. In the months since, Fast & Furious director Justin Lin has been installed as the new director, and the movie’s script has been reworked by Simon Pegg.

Well, based on social media postings by some of the movie’s stars, it looks like this movie is finally happening. Zachary Quinto posted pics of his freshly tweezed Spock brows and bowl cut.


And Zoe Saldana also posted a pic from the set…


In other news, it looks like we may have a final name for the film, and that name is probably Star Trek Beyond. The title hasn’t officially been confirmed by Paramount, but it has been submitted to the MPAA and has been registered, so it’s a fairly sure thing. It’s a bit generic, but Star Trek Beyond certainly beats the hell out of the cheesy Star Trek Into Darkness.

via /Film