‘Star Trek 3’ Has Yet Another Director And The Selection May Once Again Piss Off The Internet

It’s been a little less than three weeks since we all found out that Roberto Orci was not going to direct Star Trek 3. Since then the rumor mill has been as un-kind to Orci and the stability of the project as it has been lovely to fans who got the chance to moon over the idea that Edgar Wright or Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt might be on the short list. Now, however, the time for speculation is over and it may be time to get furious… fastly.

Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions and JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot just set Justin Lin to direct Star Trek 3, filling the biggest open directing assignment out there with the filmmaker credited with reviving the Fast & Furious series. Lin helmed four of the films that grossed $1.9 billion in worldwide box office.

Time to boldly go… get Xzibit, because it’s time to get the Enterprise pimped.

By the way, Deadline’s Mike Fleming also says that Lin was “the only one offered the job.” So they didn’t even try to #BringInRiker. The bastards.

In case you’re wondering, this is all Matt Damon’s fault because apparently his and Paul Greengrass’ Bourne film bumped Lin’s Bourne film from the schedule, allowing him a chance to become the internet’s new favorite chew toy. Which is unfortunate for me, because I’m about to get all devil’s advocate-y up in here.

I know the impulse is to boo/hiss at this choice, but the truth is that Lin does at least have experience with big moving pieces and he has churned out a series of visually satisfying films — or a shiny eye candy splodey thing sandwich on wheels. Maybe this won’t be that bad, is what I’m saying.

This concludes my defense of this choice. We now return to your complaints about this choice… already probably in progress.

Source: Deadline