This Supercut Proves The ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Cast Has A Major Dubsmash Obsession

It’s no secret celebrities love Dubsmash, but no one loves it more than the crew of the USS Enterprise. The cast of Star Trek Beyond has a bit of an obsession with the lip-syncing app and though the stars’ penchant for dubbing isn’t news to hardcore fans — they shared videos all throughout the filming of the latest movie in the series– this new supercut shows just how serious the problem got to be.

A recently posted video on Youtube compiles some of the best ‘dubsmashing’ clips from the cast and crew of the film. John Cho, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg — it seems no one is immune to the lip syncing epidemic. The video opens with Urban and Cho in the middle of what appears to be a press junket for the latest film. Urban admits the cast is in a “Dubsmash hole” before making a plea for help. That’s when hilariousness ensues.

From Pine and Cho belting out “We Are the World,” to the late Anton Yelchin getting makeup done while jamming out to some old-school boy band pop, and Urban twirling us around a spaceship to “Dancing Queen,” there’s plenty of awesome nuggets to go around. It looks like Cho and Urban might be the cast members suffering the most with this all-consuming Dubsmash affliction — Urban’s got the psychedelic filters on lock while Cho likes to recruit Pine for romantic ballads and Tina Turner hits. Pegg prefers dramatic monologues and Quinto is happy to just stare down the camera in full Spock regalia.

Take a good look people. This is what seven years in space will do to you.