A ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Writer Is Scripting An Original ‘Star Trek’ Movie For J.J. Abrams

Remember the Star Trek movies? The brand is doing just fine, at least on the TV end, with numerous new shows hanging out on Paramount Plus (née CBS All Access). But it’s going on five years since the last big screen effort, namely 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, which actually more like one of the original shows than its two predecessors (minus that explosive, Beastie Boys-backed climax, of course). Now it appears a new Trek movie is in the works…although it might not involve Chris Pine and crew.

As per Deadline, Kalinda Vazquez — a writer on Fear the Walking Dead, Prison Break, Roadmarks (alongside no less than George R.R. Martin), and Star Trek: Discovery — has been tasked with penning the screenplay, based on her own idea. Details are thin on the ground, though it’s said to be an “original” movie, which sounds a touch ambiguous. Will it recast Captain Kirk and team? Will it be about another ship cruising around the known universe, righting wrongs and getting into alien skirmishes? Who knows!

The last few years have seen numerous attempts to relaunch the film franchise, which J.J. Abrams brought back in 2009. (He’ll be handling this new one as well, having finished up work on those Star Wars movies.) Two sequels followed, but since Beyond — which was co-written by resident Scottie Simon Pegg — there’s been nada. Quentin Tarantino teased his own Trek film — an R-rated affair that could have wound up his final film. That seemed to fall apart, as did another version by Fargo’s Josh Hawley. Paramount has talked about taking the film wing in a new direction, so perhaps this is it.

(Via Deadline)

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