This Dad Built A Giant ‘Star Wars’ AT-ACT Playhouse

Colin Furze of Stamford, England, is still building cool things after ten years of DIY experimenting, which we first mentioned here many years ago when he received a firearms charge for his flamethrowing scooter. But he didn’t let the lack of a street legal flamethrowing scooter get him down. Instead he built the world’s fastest mobility scooter, a hoverbike, and other awesomely dangerous toys before setting his sights on the X-Men, building Iceman-style liquid nitrogen blasters, Pyro-inspired wrist flamethrowers, pneumatic Wolverine claws and magnetic Magneto shoes. Oh, and he also created a fart machine and immediately pointed it at France, in case you forgot he’s English.

Along the way, Furze also became the father to two boys, so sometimes the things he builds are more kid-friendly, like this AT-ACT playhouse that looks like it trundled right into his back garden from a Star Wars movie.

In a project sponsored by Ebay, Furze built an 18-foot-tall replica of the AT-ACT walkers that will be in the upcoming Rogue One. It has a retractable ladder, and inside is a playhouse with Star Wars merch and a control console to make the AT-ACT’s head and blasters move around.

Unfortunately, the kids will only get to play with the AT-ACT for a little while. Ebay will be gifting it to a fan sometime later down the road. Here’s a making-of video for the project:

Cool dad status achieved.

(Via GAS)