It Would Cost A Hefty Chunk Of Change To Become Darth Vader From ‘Star Wars’

04.17.16 3 years ago

Halloween is a little more than six months away but man, is there a sweet costume you can grab for yourself if you’re a multi-millionaire.

Turns out that Darth Vader’s suit can be yours and all it will cost you is around $18.3 million. Chump change. A drop in the bucket. Nowhere near the real value that comes with being able to don that cape and mask and other accessories not just for Halloween but any time you’re feeling saucy.

Shade Station, a British sunglasses and watch retailer, got to the bottom of the cost to be Vader and they assigned a monetary figure to each piece of the entire getup, from the mask to the prosthetic legs and arm to the mechanical breathing apparatus that allows everyone’s favorite bad/good guy to respirate properly without keeling over. Of all the individual parts of the suit, the base, torso portion cha-chings in at the most expensive, costing $12 million by itself. The cheapest part of the entire outfit is Vader’s ominous voice, which Shade Station attributes to a “high-end voice synthesizer that’s likely included” in the suit and apprised at a mere grand.

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