‘R2-D2 With Subtitles’ Proves Artoo’s The Sassiest, Surliest Droid In Any Galaxy

While Eclectic Method was making their Droid-remix, they put together this “R2-D2 With Subtitles” video on the side. Artoo’s bleeps don’t really translate directly to binary (Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt has said that R2-D2’s “voice” is the nonverbal sounds a baby makes, but computerized), and it’s way more fun to imagine him as sassy and swear-y anyhow, so this video is pretty fun.

My favorite moment is probably “Real Jedis of Tattoine” (their spelling, not mine, I know how to spell Tatooine like I know how to spell wookiee… correctly.) But there are a few gems in there, so it’s worth a watch.

Via Kotaku