Zack Snyder’s New Look For ‘Justice League’ Villain Steppenwolf Has Inspired Lots Of Jokes

Shortly after dropping a new trailer for the Justice League director’s cut, Zack Snyder officially unveiled the new look for the movie’s main villain Steppenwolf. The DC Comics character was a constant source of criticism due to the lackluster CGI used in Joss Whedon’s theatrical version of the film, but the new image revealed by Snyder is prompting its own reactions.

As always, Snyder debuted Steppenwolf on Vero, and apparently the villain’s latest look is what the director originally had in mind before exiting the Justice League production. You can see the new Steppenwolf look below, and clearly, Snyder made some very, uh, interesting choices. With the new look out in the wild, folks are having a field day on Twitter where Steppenwolf is currently trending and for all of the wrong reasons. Namely that he looks less like an inter-dimensional badass and more like a shiny wicker basket.

In fairness, fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Snyder Cut are absolutely loving the new Steppenwolf look. The consensus is that’s it’s a vast improvement over the original look and catapults Justice League into a “Lord of the Rings” level of visual effects.

But mostly the reactions were dunks. Just dunk after dunk.

And while all of the joke tweets are pretty great, a special hats off to Tormod’s Trick here who didn’t shy away from going for a pun that was staring everyone right in the face. Fortune favors the bold.

(Via Zack Snyder on Vero)