Steven Seagal Is Traveling Around Australia Giving A Series Of Bizarre Interviews

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Steven Seagal arrived in Australia this week, to promote his speaking tour, An Evening With Steven Seagalreportedly set up by the same guy who promoted speaking tours by Charlie Sheen and Arnold Schwarzenegger — the tickets for which reportedly ranged from $69 (nice) to $999. Quite a bargain to hear an addled man in an acre-sized kimono mumble about On Deadly Ground, if you ask me.

The weirdness began almost immediately when Seagal — who in late 2017 published The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State And The Hijacking Of America, with the foreword written by Sheriff Joe Arpaio — did an interview with the radio station Triple M, in which he showed up with a gigantic bodyguard and refused to hold his own microphone.


Lawrence Mooney and Jess Eva from Triple M’s Moonman In The Morning show described their interview with the action star as “scary” and “odd”.

“We had 15 minutes with him. It was odd from the get-go,” Mooney said on air this morning.

“He was dressed in a Japanese kimono top, jeans, and there was a massive bodyguard there, a huge man.

“We went to hand him a microphone very early on and he goes, ‘I’m not holding that’.’”

Eva, added: “He did, he refused to hold a microphone!”

“I was frightened, it was scary,” Mooney said on Triple M.

This was after Seagal’s handler reportedly declared questions about Seagal’s prolific history of sexual assault allegations off limits. No word on whether the huge kimono was of the bullet proof variety, as Seagal has been rumored to wear.