Steven Soderbergh Gives ‘Bill & Ted’ Fans His Word That ‘Face The Music’ Is Going To Be Really Good

When Bill & Ted Face the Music was first announced all the way back in 2018, Steven Soderbergh was quietly listed as an executive producer, which seemed like nothing more than a neat little piece of trivia at the time. But in a new interview with Flaviar’s NightCap Live, Soderbergh reveals how he helped shepherd the film after learning that Bill & Ted writer Ed Solomon was sitting on a script. The two worked together on HBO’s Mosaic, and when Solomon shared that he had a third film in him, Soderbergh immediately started greasing the wheels to make it happen. Via Collider:

And one day we were talking, and he was like, “You know, we wrote a third Bill & Ted movie.” And I said, “Well, great! Like, what’s going on with that? Can I read it?” And I read it, and I was just part of a group of people, including Scott Kroopf, the original producer, and Keanu and Alex, that really wanted to see this happen. My role was more as cheerleader than anything… “I’ve seen it, it’s really good, and we’re almost done, and I feel like it’s the perfect movie for people who want to feel better about what’s happening right now.

That’s high praise coming from one of the most talented writers and directors in the business. Unfortunately, Soderbergh doesn’t have equally as good news for Bill & Ted 3‘s release date. The film is currently sitting on an August 21 release date, but he doesn’t sound optimistic about that happening in light of current conditions.

Bill & Ted Face the Music brings Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves back to their classic roles as the rockers scramble to write the perfect song that will repair a bogus rip in time and space that threatens to destroy the universe. Only this time, the aged duo will have their daughters along to lend a hand.

(Via Flaviar’s NightCap Live & Collider)