Steven Soderbergh To ‘Come Out Of Retirement’ So As To Not Be Only Director On Earth Who Hasn’t Worked With Adam Driver

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The power of Adam Driver is so intense that even “retired” directors feel the need to end their own self-imposed sabbaticals so as to not be only people on earth not to work with him. Such is the case of Steven Soderbergh, who apparently is coming out of “retirement” to direct the Girls and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star in a new heist film called Logan Lucky.

Soderbergh, whose last feature was the Liberace epic Behind the Candelabra (his last one to show in theaters in the U.S. was the 2013 strange-o thriller Side Effects), will get back into the swing of things with another heist movie, as Logan Lucky follows two brothers who plan a robbery during a NASCAR race. Deadline reports that Driver, currently either in every movie on earth or about to be, will take part, joining Soderbergh faves Channing Tatum and Riley Keough.

Adding another bit of intrigue to the project is that Family Guy and Ted auteur Seth MacFarlane appears to be in talks to join the fun as well. Michael Shannon was set to appear too, but dropped out due to a scheduling conflict, per Deadline.

What’s the moral here? Well, if you’re a famous, Oscar-winning director who hung it up a few years ago but are looking re-enter the game, just get Adam Driver interested in something and boom, you’re back.

(via Deadline)