Steven Soderbergh And Channing Tatum Are Teaming Up For A Mysterious Heist Movie

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WHAT WE KNOW: Director Steven Soderbergh is reportedly set to come out of retirement — film retirement, as opposed to “retirement” retirement, which is why he was still making The Knick for Cinemax — to make some sort of mysterious heist movie with Channing Tatum, who he collaborated with on the first Magic Mike movie.

WHAT WE DON’T KNOW: Pretty much anything else, to any degree of certainty. Variety broke the news first, reporting that the film would co-star Matt Damon and be called Hillbilly Heist, which sounded almost too good to be true. (Hillbilly Heist!) Turns out there was a perfectly good reason it sounded too good to be true: It was. Soderbergh himself said the report was wrong, and Deadline now says the film will be titled Logan Lucky and co-star Boardwalk Empire veteran Michael Shannon. And then Variety corrected their original report and said the film will be called Lucky Logan, not Logan Lucky.

WHAT WE HOPE: This is all just cover and the heist film Tatum and Soderbergh are working on is a third Magic Mike movie, in which Mike and his crew of traveling male strippers use the coordination and body control they developed through years of exotic dancing to steal millions of dollars worth of art from a corrupt gallery owner. Like Magic Mike crossed with another Soderbergh movie, Ocean’s Eleven. With a little Entrapment thrown in. Basically this scene, but with Channing Tatum in a tuxedo, and bright red laser alarms everywhere.